Oil and Gas Drilling Rig onshore dessert with dramatic cloudscape. Oil drilling rig operation on the oil platform in oil and gas industry.

Drilling Additives

Drilling oil and gas wells with Binder Science drilling systems represents a major paradigm shift for the industry. Not only is drilling faster, easier, and more economical, but it is very friendly regarding its environmental impact.


Lubricants, Fluid Loss Control, Rheology, Weighting Agent, Shale Stability

Binder Science offers an innovative suite of multi-functional products for oil-based and/or water-based drilling systems.  Our lubricants and viscosifiers have proven to significantly increase ROP, provide excellent shale stability, and maintain thoroughly clean and unobstructed wellbores – and every product is “green.” 

Binder Science also offers a complete system in its MAXIM System, which is able to effectively replace your current Oil-Based or Water-Based system.  It is simple to run and will reduce or eliminate disposal costs while maintaining operational efficiency. All Binder’s products can be customized to meet each well’s unique goals and challenges.




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Maxim is a complete water-based drilling fluid system comprised of Binder Science products. Used in synergy, Maxim outperforms OBM systems.

TNB 100

TNB 100 is a nano-based fluid used when mixing equipment is, at best, poor. TNB 100 instantly mixes, creating a 25-50 nanometer particle size distribution with little or no mixing.

PDS Super L

PDS Super L can be used as a stand-alone product or as another means for reconditioning Maxim that has been diluted with formation fluids. PDS Super L is routinely added to OBMs to lower their lubricity when drilling curves or deviated holes.

XC Vis 5

XC Vis 5 is a xanthan-based viscosifier that hydrates extremely fast in fresh water, salt brines, and heavy brines like calcium chloride, calcium bromide, and zinc/calcium bromide. It is also used to viscosify formates for slim hole drilling.


Through research and field examples, our drilling fluids standout from competition.

The Maxim Fluid System Maxim Drilling Fluid is revolutionary. Some say this is too good to be true. The results have been quite remarkable.


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We invite you to be part of our journey, where innovation and responsibility unite to forge a brighter future for the industry. Together, we can elevate hydrocarbon production, streamline costs, and create an environment where prosperity and sustainability coexist harmoniously.