Viscosifiers and Friction Reducers

Viscosifiers and
Friction Reducers

Welcome to a realm of innovation and adaptability where our HVFRs and FRs take center stage. Designed to excel even in the face of sudden formation behavior changes, our products unlock unparalleled value, ensuring a smooth flow for your operations.

Drag Reduction, Elasticity & Pressure Rates: Our products, your improvements.

The Game-Changer for Geopressured Wells: Keeping Velocity in Check

When it comes to geopressured wells, maintaining velocity is crucial—especially when rock hasn’t been broken yet. Fear not, for our HVFRs come to the rescue! Unlike traditional methods that may lead to screenout, our products rise to the challenge, keeping velocity from diminishing and averting potential setbacks.

Efficiency Redefined: The Power of High Elasticity

Efficiency lies at the heart of what we do. Our HVFRs boast impressive high elasticity, empowering your operations to carry proppant with utmost efficiency. Witness the seamless synergy of technology and nature as our products enable you to use larger proppant concentrations, unlocking the pathway to higher production.

Meet Texas Elite: A Standout in the Polymer Slurry Market

Step into the world of excellence with Texas Elite, the unrivaled polymer slurry in the marketplace. When TDS-disadvantaged waters pose a challenge, Texas Elite rises above, showcasing extraordinary drag reduction capabilities and robust proppant transport. Embrace the future of hydraulic fracturing with a product that outshines the rest.

Elevate Your Operations: The Future Is Now

Join the ranks of industry pioneers and embrace the limitless potential of HVFRs and FRs. As we redefine efficiency, adaptability, and performance, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends boundaries. Unleash the full potential of your operations with a solution designed to surmount challenges and open doors to unprecedented success.

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Drag Reduction

Lower pressure rates by as much as 80% in produced waters.

Enhanced Elasticity

Carry sand further, faster, and cheaper with elasticity.


We are fueled by green carrier fluids free of aromatics and BTEX.

Fast Dispersion Rates

Our products disperse better than other HVFRs and FRs on the market.


Unlock the power of Elasticity


Phalanx is the first highly concentrated HVFR with more than 20% more active content than other HVFRs. This product optimizes performance while lowering operating costs.

  • Can replace dry on the fly
  • Ultra-low flow properties for ease of pumping
  • Will support as large as 16-20 mesh
  • Hydrates better than other conventional HVFRs
HydroShield BrineX

HydroShield BrineX is one of the most versatile products in retrospect to FR and HVFR properties.

  • Works well in high TDS waters
  • Will support high sand proppant loading
  • Hydrates better than most conventional HVFRs

The middle of the road meets versatility with HydroTDs. Let your next well gain the benefits from a robust HVFR.

  • One of the best all-around HVFR products
  • Can reduce drag by as much as 80%
  • low dosage applications

Get the most from your wells with the least. The FR world looks to AquaSlick to complete most freshwater applications.

  • Low cost leader
  • Excellent drag reduction
  • Fast hydration
  • Works best in slick water applications
CT Sweep

One of the best pill sweeps on the market. When in a bind, look for a gel sweep like CT Sweep. Great as a Xantham alternative.

  • High Viscosity sweep applications
  • Works on coil tubing completions
  • Uplugs coil tubing
XC Vis 5

XC Vis 5 is the best hybrid system on the market. Coil tubing plug drillout is often plagued with tough blending conditions for chemicals. Much of the time the blending tanks have a minimal amount of agitation. The blending water is usually flowback water from the frac. Historically, XC or xanthan polymer has been slow to viscosify and even slower in these salty frac waters. Binder Science has eliminated these problems with XC Vis 5 thickener/lubricant combination. As a viscosifier for short trip cuttings removal, XC Vis 5 xanthan polymer slurry is unparalleled. The viscosity builds almost instantaneously! And, unlike guar or HEC, it will more easily suspend cuttings at much lower viscosities. This is a great feature for coil jobs where pump pressure increases can be costly.

  • Polymer and Xantham based
  • Synergy, when used in the Maxim System
  • High brine applications

Dispersion and Elasticity in One Product

Experience a New Frontier: Empowerment Through Innovation

Witness a revolution in hydraulic fracturing as our HVFRs and FRs rewrite the rulebook. Step into a future where formations bow to your command and efficiency reigns supreme. Embrace the essence of ingenuity with a product that propels you forward, where obstacles become stepping stones and success becomes the norm.

Unlock the future of hydraulic fracturing with the unrivaled prowess of our HVFRs and FRs. It’s time to leave behind convention and embrace the untapped potential of your operations. With Texas Elite leading the way, we invite you to step into a new era of empowerment. Success is not just a destination—it’s a journey that begins with our revolutionary products.

Frack Sand Grains Under a Microscope

Drawing Inspiration from the Paint Industry

In the quest for the perfect solution, we take inspiration from the paint industry, which has long relied on elasticity as a predictor of pigment particle suspension.

The significance lies in the fluid’s ability to suspend particulates at rest, a feat beyond the scope of viscosity metrics. When G’ (elastic modulus) exceeds G” (viscous modulus), the fluid showcases the required elasticity to suspend pigments effortlessly.

A Cohesive Journey

The landscape becomes more complex in drilling, fracking, and coil operations as velocity takes center stage. Beyond the shear range typical for elasticity measurements, intuition reinforces the role of elasticity as a powerful variable in proppant suspension, reflecting the fluid’s cohesiveness. Cohesiveness, simply put, means sand particles are embraced by fluid molecules, ensuring they defy gravity and remain suspended.

Elasticity and dilatancy are intimately linked. As the inverse proportion of each other, they dictate the fate of your frac fluid. The frac path, akin to a giant filter, follows the rules applied to commercial filters—fluid flows faster than solids (sand), leading to concentration as they progress through the wellbore. This concentration ultimately causes bridging and a rise in pressure—a dreaded screenout. Enter elastic fluids, gracefully dodging dilatancy woes as sand and fluid march forward in unison.

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See how we can help you make a difference

We invite you to be part of our journey, where innovation and responsibility unite to forge a brighter future for the industry. Together, we can elevate hydrocarbon production, streamline costs, and create an environment where prosperity and sustainability coexist harmoniously.