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Fluid System

Introducing Maxim: Pioneering Chemistry for Exceptional Results

Discover the cutting-edge technology and chemistry that sets Maxim apart from the competition. At the heart of our product lies a well-founded foundation with key breakthroughs that redefine performance and efficiency in the industry. Maxim is a green, water-based, all-in-one drilling fluid. 



Major benefits

The Power of Maxim Emulsion Chemistry: Unlocking Unmatched Surface Area

Maxim’s emulsion chemistry is the secret to its extraordinary capabilities. Through nano-vesicles, we achieve an incredibly high surface area, revolutionizing the way our product interacts with its environment. This groundbreaking advancement translates into a host of benefits that redefine what’s possible.

Unparalleled Performance: Elevating Rheology, Lubricity, and Shale Stabilization

Maxim’s emulsion chemistry, combined with unique surface-active agents, delivers a performance unlike any other. The resulting high surface area fosters exceptional rheology, ensuring fluidity and control that elevate your operations. Our product’s lubricity sets a new standard, enabling smooth and efficient processes, while its shale stabilization properties create a rock-solid foundation for success.

The Green Advantage: Ease of Use, Defensible Sustainability

We believe in advancing technology responsibly. Maxim not only achieves remarkable results but does so while maintaining an enviable green footprint. Our product is designed with ease of use in mind, simplifying your operations and enhancing productivity. Embracing defensible sustainability, Maxim passes offshore discharge tests with flying colors, ensuring you can achieve your goals with the environment’s best interests in mind.

Maxim Drilling Fluid. Water based and green.
Increase Lubricity

Compared to OMBs, low concentrations of Maxim will increase lubricity. At 1-3% by volume of the Maxim concentrate, it’s coefficient of friction is 3-5 times lower than that of OBMs. Maxim’s lubricity is unmatched by any drilling fluid, anywhere.

Corrosion Protection & Shale Stabilization

Lubricity is sustained if it adheres to the formation, casing, drillstring, cuttings, etc. The lubricant component of Maxim does just that, which leads to the added benefits of good corrosion protection and excellent shale stabilization. Maxim base fluid has excellent shale stabilization capabilities and should suffice for most drilling applications.

Increase Density

Maxim works well with conventional barite to increase density. Another Maxim feature is that barite sag is very low even with the higher mud densities. Maxim also works with other weight-up systems such as calcium carbonate, clear brine fluids, and formate systems.

Water Based

Maxim is a green, water-based drilling fluid that outperforms oil-based drilling fluids. There isn’t much difference between an oil-based drilling fluid and Maxim; e.g., a small but very important difference….oil-based drilling fluids are “oil continuous,” and Maxim is “water continuous”

Lubricity of Maxim Fluid vs Torque (inch-lbs)
Concentration 150 psi 200 psi 250 psi 300 psi 350 psi 400 psi
1% 1.3 2.4 4.3 6.0 8.7 11.4
2% .9 1.5 1.9 3.6 4.7 7.9
3% .4 .7 1.2 3.0 4.2 7.1
4% .1 .3 1.0 1.4 3.7 6.5

Customization for Performance and Versatility

Experience the Maxim Difference: Usher in a New Era of Performance

With Maxim, you’re not just getting a product; you’re embracing a new era of performance. Our groundbreaking chemistry and innovative technology pave the way for unmatched results. Elevate your operations, redefine efficiency, and unlock a greener future—all with Maxim by your side.

Step into the forefront of industry progress and experience the power of Maxim. Join the ranks of those who are reshaping the landscape of success with a product that defies expectations and exceeds possibilities. Embrace the future of chemistry and redefine what’s achievable in your field with Maxim.